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V-Titning Capsuls In Pakistan

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V-Titning Capsuls gives you complete youthfulness and restores your vagina  into its original shape…

V-Titning Capsuls gives you complete youthfulness and restores your vagina  into its original shape and enhances tightening sensation and heightens sensitivity.

It contains phytoestrogen and various tropical herbal extract which assist in restoring lubrication and

solving the problems of vaginal dryness.

Here are a few of the benefits of V-Titning Capsuls: 

  1. 100% herbal Encourages healthy hormonal balance to restore not just tightness, but moisture and pleasurable sensation
  2. Stimulates cells to produce collagen, which gives a firm and youthful tone to the tissue
  3.  Makes cell increase production of elastin, which makes tissue stretchy and elastic while increasing tightness
  4.  Increases cells’ ability to create natural moisture and lubrication, reducing uncomfortable dryness and increasing sexual pleasure
  5. Encourages a healthy immune system, preventing the infections and inflammation that often accompany vaginal atrophy
  6. Supplies antioxidants and other nutrients that encourage healthy cell growth
  7.  Moisturizes cells to create more smoothness and less discomfort

V-Titning Capsuls 2 capsules per box.

Main Ingredient:

saffron crocus, kuh-seng, oil of zedoary turmeric, Elaeagnus angustifolia oil, propolis, garden burnet, fructus cnidii, borneol


How it works

Vagina tightening capsule works by lubricating and toning the inner vaginal walls. It enhances the ability

to draw and secret your own natural lubricants. It stimulates the bartholon glands to release estrogen,

helping to restore lubrication solving the dryness problems

Using Methods

1)1.5 hour before sexual intercourse you can use this product.

2)Wash hand thoroughly with bacteria soap, use finger inserts  or gloves to insert the capsule into the vagina 7cm in depth.

3)-The capsule will be dissolving and vanished naturally.

Not Suitable for pregnant or nursing women

Allergic reaction may occur test 1 capsule first before doing the entire regiment.

Do not take orally.


Shelf life : 2 years

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